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Golden-buddha-handsLiving Room: Mother’s Meditation and Conversation
Every Thursday, 6-7:30pm @Rockridge Wellness Center

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January’s Focus Topic: Presence within Mind and Body
Pre-registration is encouraged, space is limited
When: Thursdays beginning January 21st, 2016, 6-7:30pm
Where: Rockridge Wellness Center, 5327 College Avenue
Fee: $20 pre-registration, $105 for 5 Sessions/ $25 at door
Bring: Meditation chair or yoga mat, a blanket and your own open, nonjudgmental intention.

January Focus: Exploring the meaning of “mindfulness” within our busy lives
What are the Living Room Sessions?

Living Room is a term Natashia (the group’s founder and one of the facilitators) uses to describe carving time for your Self to thrive and to feel oneself in a grounding kind of way. This open group is for mothers, opening up a space to celebrate our many identities, learn from each other’s journeys and really, most of all, be in a safe, quiet space together–honoring our Goddess-selves (which may not always feel so “Goddess-like”).
Join Moms of all ages and stages. Invite your own Mom, Mother-figure, Grandma or friends who have children of varying ages for a 20 minute guided meditation followed by nonjudgmental conversation on topics related to womanhood and motherhood. This will be an open (you can come once, twice or every time) monthly circle usually taking place on the first Sunday of each month (unless otherwise indicated). Nourish yourself in the here and now in a quiet serene environment meant for honoring your Living Room.
Our groups are growing a community of mothers of all ages and stages who are invested in the idea that making time and space for oneself, as a mom and woman in her own rite, benefits everyone in the long run. Come lower your stress level with other women in a safe, serene and nonjudgmental environment.

How are the Living Room Sessions organized?
We begin with a short welcoming and then move into a 20-25 minute meditation. From there we spend about an hour together drinking tea, snacking and engaging in slow conversation that is based on self reflection and intentional listening, moving away from solving problems or giving advice. We then, take some grounding time for the remaining 15-20 min to meditate again before going back to our worlds for dinner and bedtime.

From Gourmet Fondue to Mac-n-Cheese: A Talk About Intimacy During the Early Years of Parenting

fondue coupleUpcoming Dates:
Friday, January 29th at Rockridge Wellness Center @6:30-8pm 

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Natashia will be speaking about her work, research and experience with couples during their first three years postpartum, a time period that is rich with new kinds of connection, sometimes so practically overwhelming, a couple’s experience of intimacy can be pushed to the wayside.  Therapists and researchers have found that when couples are feeling more connected with one another and understanding of the norms of the early years, their new family experience tends to be more positive–not to mention fun.  Join us for a special talk about the general trajectory couples experience in their intimate relationships postpartum and beyond. Learn some basic and proactive tools of engaging with your partner during the early years. Begin considering your sensual side as an individual, a partner and a parent.


sid_10157145_real_pdf-44283372_Page_1What’s for Dinner? A Couple’s Workshop About Deepening Intimacy Whilst Parenting Young Children
February 13th, 2016; 1-3:30pm, at Rockridge Wellness Center
Fee: $150, includes workshop plus, one complimentary couple’s session with Natashia

  • Has your experience of intimacy changed since having children?
  • Do you find yourself wanting to develop more close/caring time with your partner, but lack the energy and insight on how to?
  • Do you feel like you may benefit from intimate time with and for yourself?

Topics: Stages of Relationships, Identity, Intimacy, Communication, Balance

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This workshop includes one complimentary couple’s session with me in my Berkeley Office scheduled within 6 months of your workshop date. This is the “sister” to the “Gourmet Fondue to Mac-n-Cheese” Talk, delving more deeply into stages of relationships as it relates to parenting; exploring one’s experience of intimacy; and practicing communication that helps facilitate warm and open bonding with spontaneous connection. The format combines didactic presentation, discussion and experiential exercises. Natashia is mindful about creating an atmosphere where couples will both be able to explore their intimacy together, privately (through experiential exercises) as well as benefit from understanding not necessarily details of other couple’s experiences or issues, but more about the commonalities in other couples processes at this stage in their relationships.

General Format: This workshop includes didactic portions, discussions/reflections, individual and couple exercises and a guided grounding meditation. You will learn practical tools to increase communication, connection and intimacy during early years of parenting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call Natashia: 415.326.4033

​Oakland Mom2Mom New Mom’s Support Group  88700021

Beginning January 12th
6 Week Session, Tuesdays 10-12pm
Location: 5327 College Ave., Oakland, CA (Rockridge)
Fee: $190
Facilitator: Cathy Carr, LMFT
Contact Cathy to register:

Great group for moms (1st and 2nd time) & babies focused on the joys, challenges & humorous moments of this rite of passage. It is a 6 week facilitated group which focuses on helping new moms build a community and meet other moms with babies with similar ages.  There is something about going through a shared experience, while recognizing that each mom’s experience is unique, that leads to great connection and support.

The 6 week facilitated portion is a weekly 2 hour meeting where moms share their experiences, questions, concerns, and get tips on all sorts of topics.  My focus is on nonjudgemental support and building connection between the moms, since this can be an overwhelming and isolating time for many moms.  I also provide psychoeducation (as wanted) on different topics including infant development, sleep/feeding questions, changes in relationships and family dynamics, transition to motherhood, feelings re: going back to work or not, postpartum health, and identity as a mom.  The group offers lots of support and perspective that can be especially helpful after some sleepless nights!

In addition, we help organize a second meeting during the week for a social outing where moms get together to go for walks or cafe visits, etc. Our last groups have offered free talks with q&a time with a Sleep Consultant and/or  Lactation Consultant. This option is available and arranged on a group to group basis based on the group’s desires. This group will be facilitated by Natashia Fuksman, MA.

Grounding Pregnancy Group

…On Hold…

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This is a closed group offered to clients being seen by Homebirth Midwifery practices in the East Bay. Individual parents and couples in their third trimester come for the one group session where our focus is on emotional grounding during the third trimester, a time period where the family unit is on the precipice of rite of passage transition.